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Business License

Note: These instructions are only provided as a courtesy to potential Vendors. We do not give legal advice.  Consult your tax advisor and Attorney before engaging in this or any business venture.

To receive a Traders License/Business License for Wicomico County, you must start at the Circuit Court Bld. At 101 N. Division St. in Downtown Salisbury in Room 105 (Clerks Office). There you will need to provide general information like name, address of business, etc. and they will print an application for you. If your inventory is under $1000 and you own property in Wicomico County the license will only be $17. If you do not own property in Wicomico, you will be asked to pay a deposit.

Next you will head to the Assessment Office in the District Court Building on 125 Baptists St. on the 2nd Floor. Here they will put your application into the system and generate an audit control # for the application.

Then you head to the County Finance Office on 125 N. Division St, in Room 102/103.

After the Finance Office, you will return to the Circuit Court/Clerks Office in room 105 to receive your license. Your License needs to be on display in your booth and a copy made for the store’s records.

Finally, to attach a Tax ID to your business license you will need to go to marylandtaxes.com and apply for a license.